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Is there any outcome for the 2016 election under which you'd give up and move to Canada?

I’m not one of those people that threatens “if X happens, I’m moving to Canada” every election, but if a successful candidate ran on a platform using the words “mandatory conversion therapy camps” or “constitutional amendment defining marriage,” that’d be a good enough reason to make me want to brush up on my Canadian.

Apparently Wawa is giving away free coffee today for their 50th birthday. Will you partake in the festivities??

Nah, I don’t drink coffee.  Tons of my coworkers did though.  Also, when I just went there was an older gentleman who got only coffee and was in line in front of me.  When the cashier told him it was free today, he paused for a second and then bolted for the door smiling, like someone was pulling a prank on him and he wanted to be gone before he could find out.