Mike Erickson: 25-year-old transportation engineer in Hamilton, NJ. What you're most likely to find here: little quips about my personal life, architecture, photography, music, videos, dogs, science and/or video games.

I almost got run over in a parking lot just now

I was walking out of the supermarket towards my car when I notice a guy driving down the aisle I’m about to cross. Like I always do in these situations, I made eye contact and stared him down, maintaining my pace. To my surprise, he also tried staring me down and didn’t slow down either. In this game of pedestrian-vs.-car chicken, I almost lost, but he swerved around me and sped off within the last ten feet and almost crushed my leading foot. It’s weird when I encounter someone just as stubborn as me, but I guess they’re out there.

I wish there was a pill or something I could take that would magnetize my facial hair so I could just run a magnet over my sink to clean up the perpetual stubble.

Or I could just not have a white bathroom sink.