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Tariel, Reckoner of Souls || Wayne Reynolds

I just spent the past 3 hours working on this deck. Whipping up an initial decklist wasn’t too bad, it was cutting 70 cards that all would’ve been awesome to run as well.  I’m still not 100% happy with the final product, but it’s a first draft I’ll tweak as necessary.  Basically it’s a combo deck that tries to assemble the following:

Tariel, Reckoner of Souls  (equipped with Thornbite Staff) + Blasting Station or Goblin Bombardment.

It also has some stuff to discourage people playing out-of-turn/interruptions like Price of Glory and Citadel of Pain as well as a bunch of tutors and your basic board wipes.

Played in a 4-way EDH game last night and managed to pull a win out of nowhere about an hour and a half into the game by playing a Rakdos Charm for it’s third option after the dominant player had just cast Storm Herd with his life total at 482.  It’s crazy how in this game even if you think you have the upper hand, defeat can always come out of fucking nowhere.

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Punishing blue players with Summoning trap was fun in Standard back when Valakut was the deck. Apparently it’s happening in Modern at the Pro Tour.

This combo works when the creature that Kiki-Jiki copies is able to untap Kiki-Jiki, allowing you to make an arbitrarily large number of hasty creatures.

Wait, how does that work?

  1. Play a creature (Most likely Kitchen Finks but it can be anything) and let your opponent counter it.
  2. Play Summoning Trap, which is free because your creature was countered, to put Eternal Witness into play
  3. Eternal Witness goes to the battlefield, it’s ability goes on the stack. Target Summoning Trap to get it back to your hand.
  4. Use your summoning trap, again for free, to play Restoration Angel
  5. The Angel blinks the Eternal Witness, who again gets Summoning Trap back to your hand
  6. Use the Summoning Trap one more time (Still Free!!) to play Kiki-Jiki
  7. Use Kiki-Jiki to make a copy of Restoration Angel, which blinks Kiki-Jiki, who taps to make a Restoration Angel, who blinks Kiki-Jiki, etc etc
  8. Swing with your infinite Restoration Angels because they have haste

Questions? :)

This is fucking disgusting.

I love it.

I think I’m finally gonna treat myself and get the cards I need to round up these EDH decks once and for all.  Ghave is the only one that’s finished and I have like 90% of all the other ones already, so why not?  Here’s how they work:

  • Ghave: Multiplayer-oriented with tokens, +1/+1 counters and sacrifice effects out the wazoo.
  • Gahiji: Also multiplayer-oriented with lots of “hit that guy, not me” effects.  Ideally I can build up my guys at my own pace and then swing out with multiple combat phases to catch people off guard.
  • Ruhan: Tutor for Lightning Greaves/Whispersilk Cloak and then SMASH SMASH SMASH.
  • Kresh: Tinker around with tokens and sac outlets and some removal to build up Kresh and then SMASH SMASH SMASH.
  • Rafiq: Running every non-black source of Exalted (except Noble Hierarch because I can’t justify dropping $27 on a mana dork, no matter how good she is) and then SMASH ~evade~ SMASH.
  • Tariel: This is the only one I’d have to think of from scratch.  No idea where I’m gonna take this one, but I want at least one toolbox deck with steal/graveyard shenanigans.

I went to an EDH tournament at my store today, 1v1 rules, French banlist.  I ran a bullshit Linvala voltron which was basically White goodstuff that I threw together last minute.  I got shit on by two seperate Vendilion Clique decks and another guy playing Oloro basically just shut me down and played with himself, but I did eke out a win against a black Mikaeus and a Marath.  I really hate the notion that you have to run Blue to be competitive in EDH or Magic in general.  I kind of want to build a Blue hate deck specifically for the next tournament.